Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chester County Moms Launch Party

This past Thursday was the Launch Party for which is a local mommy site that I follow. My friend Sarah is a moderator for the site and a HUGE (and I mean H-U-G-E) fan of The Diaper Bag Wrangler. So the whole fam hopped in the car and drove down to Plain Jane in West Chester to spread the word of mom (and get some cool swag and enter giveaways).

We gave out 100 coupons for the event so we hope the moms in Chester County enjoy their discount! Lilly also had a fun time with "Red Alert" - the funk band playing up the block. Lilly got shout outs from the lead singer as she was showing off her best Tina Turner dance moves. Silly me- I left the camera on the dining room table, so no pics...

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