Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Golden Ticket Theory

One of the "upsides" to cancer is you get moved to the front of the line for EVERYTHING- the Golden Ticket Theory. I discovered this on Monday...3 hours post diagnosis.

Monday - While scheduling appointments, I learn that I need to have blood drawn before my CT on Wed. So I drove down to the hospital's satellite medical building to get that done. I don't have any paperwork, since I literally just hung up the phone with Dr. B, but the lab staff calls, gets the paperwork faxed and walk me back for the waiting, signing in...nothing. Hmmm...that's strange. After that I walk across the hall to radiology to pick up the barium concoction for the contrast part of the CT from nurse T. Once again, no script...nothing...but I say my name and Dr. B's name...and magical...I get exactly what I questions asked. After that I decide to test my luck and see if this Golden Ticket Theory really works. I walk upstairs to my primary Dr. to see if I can get my appt. moved that was originally (pre-cancer) scheduled for Sept. 5th (the first available appt, when I called in July!). The "gatekeeper" asks why I need to be seen sooner and I say "is breast cancer a good enough reason?". Yep-I get a new appointment for 11am the next day.

Tuesday - I have the "expedited" appt. with my primary- Dr. R. I'm not a big fan of primary physicians (usually I see only specialists) but she's really great. I'm not sure what her role will be in all of this, but our fantastic (ha!) healthcare system requires me to have a primary, so I figure- if she's being cc'd on everything we should probably meet. We chat for a while and she gets a feel for where I'm at and we make a date to meet up again in 2 weeks...

Wednesday - I have been at the medical center every day so far this week. I know the front desk receptionist- J. and a lot of the's starting to feel like home...maybe I could set up a cot in one of the file rooms. Today I have my CT (with contrast) so first thing this am I have to start drinking the barium...this time it's pina colada flavored. It still tastes like a metal milkshake, and has the consistency of...semen. That's great visual- right. I get through 1 container at home (with the help of a straw) before I have to drop off Lilly at her playdate. I bring the other container with me to drink right before the scan. The med. center is packed, but...Golden Ticket...I go up to the desk and they see I'm here...front of the line. I still don't have the paperwork but Dr. B's office faxed it over first thing today. :) I see my friend Nurse T. from Monday and we start the CT process. This is my 4th one, so I'm pretty good with the whole procedure. I still hate the IV dye - it makes your tongue numb, body hot and you feel like you're peeing yourself. Nurse T. and I have a little chat afterwards and I realize not only do I have the Golden Ticket, but the doctors, nurses and staff really do care about you and really do want to talk and see how you're managing.

The sad part about today was while Lilly was at her playdate (after I left) the other kids asked "where's Miss K.C.?". My friend replied, "oh- Miss K.C. is at an appointment", to which Lilly replied "no- at doctor". The when I got back she immediately looked at my arms and said "boo-boo", where the IV mark was. She may be only 2 1/2, but she's a smart one...


Caitlin Domanico Photography said...

Wow, how special you are! You shouldn't post about this or people will start walking around throwing out cancer terms to skip to the front of the line at target and 6 flags:)

Aw Lilly is such a good little girl. She will be a big help to you I bet.

Sue Pennington said...

Hi K.C. Talked to your mom last night and was shocked at the news. Chin up kiddo! If anyone can beat this, you can. We'll be praying for you and your family.

Cousin Sue from Bar Harbor