Friday, September 12, 2008

Boobie care package!

My friend Renee (who I have been friends with since 7th grade!) sent me the most fun care package today! I asked her if she could knit me a little beanie style hat and she sent me a whole box of goodies! She made the most AWESOME cashmere blue hat for me. I haven't taken it off all day!

Also included was a new bra for my non-boobies (ok- it's really an eye mask)

And a celebratory "prosthetic" knitted boobie potholder/lovey/mural that I LOVE! And so when I'm feeling bad that my reconstruction just got pushed back because of my HER2, I can look at my magenta knitted boobs and smile. :) I'll put it on Mike's pillowcase for when he gets back in town...or maybe he can travel with it....oh the possibilities!

Renee- thank you so much for everything- the chocolate, book, and soap are the best!!!!

1 comment:

graymama said...

No, YOU are the best!!!

I am so happy to know that you loved everything, and seeing your smiles warms my heart <3

When I return to WI, I will have three more hats to send your way :-D