Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nothing new to report

I'm still feeling pretty good, no nausea, upset stomach, bone pain...nothing! I'm pretty much in the clear from this week's chemo treatment. My only side effects are a slight headache (life with a 2 year old), a little foggy, dry mouth/mildly sore throat (from the chemo drugs), and red flushed face (from the steroids). My appetite is good, I'm sleeping well and my energy is pretty decent. I took Lilly to Gymboree today and we made it though our 45 minute session plus an additional 30 minutes of open play afterwards! I was shocked.

I almost feel guilty (well...not really) that I am feeling so well. I'm totally prepared for it not to be this easy next time. Hey- I'll take what I can get! Next week is when the fatigue would set in, I am receiving the Neulasta injections to help boost my white blood cells and prevent the major fatigue associated with's another wait and see kinda thing.

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