Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who wore it best (updated)

Oh my!!! I am SOOOO excited about this!

Today I went Russell Lauren Salon in Collegeville, PA to check out some wigs. My "wig stylist" Sal was a huge help and we had a blast trying on all sorts of wigs. (no joke) I found the PERFECT wig and even got to take it home today!

Russell Lauren used to be located in Norristown, near where we used to live. They recently re-located to a brand new space in Collegeville on Rte. 29/Collegeville Road. When I started asking about wigs, most everyone suggested a particular salon in Bryn Mawr, but I wanted to find somewhere a little bit closer to home (and less expensive). My stylist Bernice recommended Russell Lauren and I knew of them from their old location.

So I made my appointment and was (a little) surprised to meet Sal (who is 31 years old). Sal's mom and dad started the salon 15 years ago and his mom passed away this year from ovarian cancer. They are so passionate about helping cancer and hair loss clients and it really shows in their salon. They have their wig section right up front and a huge selection of hats as well. We picked out some "long flippy" wigs and started trying them on. When I came across "my" wig it was an easy choice to make. It is almost exactly my hair color, and even has highlights (although my highlights are 100% natural). The cut is very natural looking and it has a natural "scalp". When you look at the parted hair you will actually see my scalp color showing through. Too cool.

My wig is synthetic and can be washed every 4-8 weeks (depending on how often I wear it) and I have all the wig gear (shampoo, conditioner, detangler, comb, mannequin head, drying rack, etc). This wig was $595 and the wigs at Russell Lauren range from approx. $400-$800.

Here's my NEW wig:

Isn't it awesome!!!!

So here's my new "project" know in People Magazine they have the "who wore it best" when 2 celebrities wear the same outfit. I want to do that with my wig! It all started when I convinced Mike to put it on today.


I think he looks like John Stamos as Uncle Jesse! Mike decided to get out our Wii Guitar Hero Les Paul to complete the look.

Then my friend Danielle stopped by and I convinced her to try it on:

I think she totally looks like Rikki Lake!

And then my mom Lorraine:

I think she looks like Yoko Ono.

So vote in your comments...who wore it best? If I can get enough of you guys to try it on (and let me take your picture), we'll do an old school Field of 64 - style bracket tournament!


Caitlin said...

ahhhhh!!!!! MIKE WINS hands down!!!

Well, besides you!

graymama said...

Jon says your mom. I think you look as beautiful as ever :-D

Mike said...

Most definitely Mike. He should sport that around the neighborhood when walking Cesar!

Mike said...

BUT...can't forget about you! It looks great!

Wendy said...

I think you wear it best!!!

BTW - When I got my wig, they gave me this nasty hairspray that smelled like a nursing home.....don't use it! My hair dresser told me that you can use a tiny bit of hand lotion to smooth out flyaways on the wig and it works (and smells) so much better. (You might not have the fly-aways yet, but after a while they start to get a little crazy.)

So happy you found one that looks so good!