Sunday, October 19, 2008

To pin or not to pin

Today was the first day I wore my wig! I was feeling a little dumpy last night, the whole androgynous thing is starting to get to me. So I decided to try out the wig and see if it was worth the $600 I paid for it. And let me tell's worth every penny!

I kept hearing how wigs are hot, itchy, fake looking...etc. My wig is none of those. I guess you get what you pay for. I have had it on all day, and even with my chemo hot flashes it's been more comfortable than wearing my chemo-chic caps. It's adjustable so I had to tighten the elastic from when I last wore it (with hair) and it's stayed in place all day. I have to smooth out the wig hair a little more during the course of the day than with normal hair, and I made Mike promise me that whenever we go somewhere he'll make sure it's not all jakked up when we get out of the car.

I did have a major decision to make regarding my wig - bobby pin or no bobby pin. If you know me well, you know I have a signature look- a bobby pin on the right side. I wear one probably 95% of the time (you know, when I have hair). I knew that with the mono-filament hair wig if I put the bobby pin in, that was it... the hair would crimp. I tried it with and without for like an hour (Mike thought I had taken a nap!) and decided- BOBBY PIN- I don't care if I crimp the wig...I'm rocking the bobby pin! Laugh all you want, but it was a big decision to make.

So there's chemo tomorrow....those wack-o conservative cancer patients better behave themselves this week... it's not looking so good for McCain...and I am still fired up from 2 weeks ago!


Caitlin said...

I 100% agree with the decision to wear a bobby pin. Super cute!!!!

Lc said...

You are looking great. Hope you get a reprieve from the wackos. You have had a couple weeks to figure out just how to respond. I'd give them the silent treatment. That would probably drive them NUTZ!! Any response would only encourage them.

Have fun wearing your good looking wig. See you soon.

graymama said...

I agree. Yes, bobby pin :-D I am a hair accessory girl. If I am not sporting a headband, I have on a hat.

Re: Jon's hair
He is thinking maybe after Thanksgiving, and his hair will go to locks of love, of course :-D