Monday, November 17, 2008

Chemo #5 Quick Update

The new Taxol cocktail started today. I was a little nervous since I knew how I was on the A/C, so starting a new drug meant new side effects, etc. The infusion ran about 4 1/2 hours today so I was really ready to get out of there! My brother came with me, but went home for a few hours and then came back. It was packed full of patients all day, so there wasn't a lot of it's entirely boring. I brought my DVD and watched The Departed, which is a typical Scorsese epic of 2 1/2 hours.

I had no allergic reaction to the drug so they were able to push it at "full speed". I was pretty sleepy during the IV from all the pre-meds they gave me today- Emend (anti-nausea), Aloxi (anti-nausea), Decadron (steroid), Tagament (acid reflux), Benadryl (antihistamine) and then the chemo drug Taxol.

Lots of goodies today - Jewish Apple Cake (quite possibly my favorite cake), candy, pretzels, cupcakes (someone got to the red velvet one before me). Ernie who brings the cupcakes is going to Florida for the winter so I will have to wait until he comes back in May for more cupcakes...or just drive to Malvern and buy some.

Minor politicking this morning, the 3 week-er Republicans were there...and my, my have they changed their tune....apparently Obama isn't that bad all of a sudden, but he's still a Socialist and had the Republicans gone with Mitt Romney, he'd be the President-Elect. I was DYING to bring up my dad's point that SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE are "socialist" programs but I bit my tongue. There's no way I was getting into that debate again. I had alrady gotten into it on Sunday with Danielle's Father and Father-in-law at Mia's birthday party. But they were fun debaters...Our debate ended when Matthew (3 years old) spilled a huge SOLO party cup filled with coke on the table, which ran like a river onto me, my jeans, socks, shoes, the chair and carpet. Mike had to drive home and get me a change of clothes.

Made a few new cancer patient friends...another young mom was getting her first treatment today so we talked a little bit. We'll be seeing each other on Mondays... I also made some hats for one of my dad's students in Florida who is going through treatment.

So that's it for now. I took THE BEST nap when I got home. I was in the really good deep sleep and heard NOTHING for like 2 hours. My fingers are starting to get that peripheral neuropathy. Right now they are sore and feel like sausages. The sausage part started today. Good thing I have all (well, most) of my DBW sewing done. Sewing is going to get a little harder while my fingers slowly lose feeling and stuff like that. My legs are feeling heavy so walking can get tiring. Fun times.

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p.s. I'm still a little drug induced..can't wait to re-read this post in the morning.

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Mike said...

Still keeping up with you here! Crossing my fingers for little side effects w/ this one for you!

By the by, still "live" down the street, no takers yet!

The house we want to bid on has lowered their price again, so much that I can offer asking price! So I am hoping no one snatches it up or we sell our house before anyone else does!!!

Talk to you soon!