Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hair??? HAIR!!!

It's true- my hair is growing back!!! It's still falling out, but at the same time it's growing! How is this possible? My eyebrows are almost gone, but today I saw teeny tiny hairs growing in too! You have to look really close, but you can see the fine white "peach fuzz" growing in, plus the few hairs that never fell out in the first place. :)

I still have my final chemo treatment of Taxol (on 1/5/09) so I'm curious to ask my Oncologist if it is common for hair to grow back during chemo. I have been the opposite of typical this entire time, so I will not be surprised to if he told me that only 1% of patients experience this.

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Sara said...

hi! I stumbled on your blog from blissfully domestic, and I just had to tell you what an encouragement you are! My mother had breast cancer, and reading your posts really brought back a lot of memories of her battle ... you - like her - have a great perspective, it seems, and it's encouraging to see someone truly LIVING, in spite of this disease. thanks for being authentic. all the best for 2009.