Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New "Arrival"- The Maternity Kitchen Apron - Designed Especially For Mommies-To-Be

My very good friend Carolyn gave me the idea and inspiration to make a Maternity Kitchen Apron.

 I wanted to design something that was clearly a kitchen apron. After all- pregnant women still cook (or at least eat!), and are especially prone to baby bump "shirt splatter and spillage". So I had a few brainstorming sessions, drew some sketches and came up with a simple, yet flattering design. I stitched up a sample, but needed a model who I could make adjustments on. I'm not a good candidate since my double mastectomy alters my body shape...well...a lot- and nothing looks quite right on my top half. I needed - #1 someone who has boobs #2 someone who has a baby bump and #3 someone who was larger than a size 4...because no one expecting a baby is a size 4!

For my first trial I had a few friends try the apron on who met criteria #1 and #3...and was thrilled to see that the apron looked great on a woman even when she's NOT pregnant! I had just a few minor alterations to make to the design, but all in all the first sample was near perfect! Now I needed to find my true customer base- a mommy-to-be....but where did they all go? I swear- just 2 months ago I had 18 friends expecting....did they all give birth at the same time? Carolyn is too far away to model for me (in North Carolina) so I tried scouring pre-school drop off for baby luck. I thought about lurking in front of a Moth
erhood Maternity store or in the baby department in Target, but I decided that stalking pregnant strangers and asking them to try on an apron was not a good idea...even if I am the Diaper Bag Wrangler! So my first pregnant model was Tess who works at my Oncologists office.

Tess tried my apron on and it was perfect! That meant I could go into full on production mode! I spent the next 2 weeks fabric shopping, cutting and sewing. All the while gleaming at the innovation of this incredibly simple, beautiful and PRACTICAL apron!

After I had my collection of 5 Aprons complete, my good friend Caitlin (yes- Caitlin of Caitlin Domanico Photography) agreed to model my aprons for a last minute "photo shoot". Haha- pretty funny having ME and my crappy Kodak point and shoot camera take pictures of HER! So here's Caitlin- the week of her due date, in all her 39 weeks and 2 days of pregnant glory:

So there you have it- the "birth" of my Maternity Kitchen Aprons.

Want your own? CLICK HERE

Here's the info:
Our handmade Maternity Kitchen Aprons will keep you covered while cooking, baking or cleaning. Especially designed to accommodate your expanding baby bump, this apron will help protect your maternity wardrobe from kitchen spills and splatters, or whatever nesting and cleaning urges you face. It features a stylish gathered babydoll style neckline with tops
titching. All aprons are made with premium 100% cotton fabric and and have an adjustable d-ring neck strap and tie waist. One size fits most average sized mommies-to-be.

This apron was designed by me and can not be found anywhere else! After your pregnancy, this apron can even be used as a nursing about practical!

  • 14" wide babydoll neckline

  • 27" overall length

  • 42" overall width

  • 26" adjustable D-ring neck

  • 28" long waist ties

  • Pockets on both sides

  • Machine wash cold/gentle, dry low

  • Iron if needed

  • Care/instruction hangtag included

  • These aprons make a fabulous gift for anyone who is expecting- what a unique and thoughtful way to say congratulations. As always, you can request free gift wrapping and enclosure notes for all orders.


    Caitlin Dee said...

    Well obviously I am going to comment here. I love them! If I wasn't about to pop I would be stocking up. They are totally cute AND comfy!!!!

    Great post KC! It's fun to see the Diaper Bag Wrangler behind the scenes!

    Aurielis said...

    I did visit your Etsy account to purchase this Maternity Kitchen Apron, but did not see it listed in available stock from you. Have you decided to drop this product/idea? *curious*

    shiva roshantex said...

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