Saturday, June 6, 2009

Overnight Escape to AC

Mike and I got to take a little overnight trip to Atlantic City last night. My parents are in town from FL, so we had a built in babysitter for Lilly. Kathy Griffin was doing a show at the Borgata- and we got a great price on a hotel room there! One of the few upsides to a crappy economy- "cheap" hotel rates in AC (if you consider $249/night cheap).

We left around 5:50pm on a rainy Friday night. It usually takes a little under 90 minutes to get to AC, but tonight it took 3 GRUELING hours. A little bit of everything - shore traffic, rain delays, and accident rubbernecking. We finally got in around 9pm- thank goodness our tickets were for the 11pm late show!

I booked a basic Classic Room at the Borgata but when we checked in, we were upgraded to a Fiore Suite! That's a $200 room upgrade! SCORE! I didn't even ask for an upgrade, although I had every intention of using my "cancer card" if the opportunity arose. So we went to our room on the 9th floor and here's some pics:

It was gorgeous- floor to ceiling windows, marble everywhere...awesome. The only downside- the TV. What's up with that? You have this impeccible room and a crappy 27" TV? Mike and I have never actually stayed in AC overnight before- we're Vegas people (we even got married in Vegas!). But I LOVE this hotel. It's like The Bellagio of the East Coast. Thank you Steve Wynn for building the Borgata!!!

We were hoping to have a nice dinner, but since it took us so long to get there, we ended up just heading down to the Borgata's Cafeteria and ordered up some Fatburger. YUM! We enjoyed people watching since AC is prime spotting for NJ Guidos. And boy did we see some characters. I even got all dressied up...well- I wore makeup and heels....that counts- right?

We went to The Music Box and found our seats, and who do you think rolls in....Jill Zarin- from The Real Housewives of NYC. Uh- does she not know that Kathy is inevitably going to rip on the Housewives??? Anyway, the crowd goes nuts and she's there with her husband Bobby and a few friends. (I enjoy watching the Housewives, so I got a kick out of it). She sat a few rows ahead of us and was promptly bombarded with people wanting photos. Geez- just leave the poor lady alone! She owns a fabric store, so Jill is a-ok in my book.

So Kathy comes on stage and does her stand up- mostly about- who would have guessed- The Real Housewives! It was so funny, even Mike thoroughly enjoyed the show. When it was over we gambled a little bit, but I was ready to call it a night!

Saturday morning I had one goal- Borgata Breakfast Buffet. We actually woke up a little late and Mike was worried that we wouldn't make it to the Buffet in time. So we hustled to get ready, checked out, put the bags in the car and went back inside for....the Buffet. Oh My....the Buffet. My most favorite restaurant in the world is probably The Bellagio Buffet. But, it's not so easy for us to fly out to Vegas these days, especially with a 3 year old kid in tow. (ahhh...the good ol days). So the Borgata Buffet- I am pleased to announce- is a great facsimile of the Bellagio's. If I ever have that incurable craving, it's nice to know I can drive 90 minutes to the Borgata! I filed my plate with huge strawberries, waffles, cinnamon french toast, cheese blintzes, danish and bacon. Mike filled his plate twice and has not eaten anything since then!

We did just a little gambling. Our tradition is to cash in our "coin jar" and just use that money to gamble. I'm sad to say we lost our money. No big winners here, but we had fun.


Devon said...

You got married in Vegas?? I got married in Vegas!! LOL!! At Paris! Vegas is one of our most favorite places!

Glad you had a fun trip!

Sarah said...

Wheel of Fortune!!!

Mariel said...

What a fun little getaway! Love your stuff! We do a giveaway once a month. Our next is month...likely, the middle of the month. If you are interested in signing on, let me know!

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