Thursday, September 10, 2009

Custom Baby Booties for US Marine's Daughter

I had the honor and pleasure of designing a custom pair of baby booties for a very special family. Daddy is a US Marine and is returning from his tour of duty in just a few days. He will have the joy of not only returning to his family, but he will be meeting his baby girl for the very first time. Mommy contacted me and asked me to make a custom Cammie Bootie with the Desert Camo print and a yellow strap with a heart.

These booties are just little pieces of fabric stitched together, but the symbol of pride that this family will be displaying, at such an emotional moment in time, is beyond what words can even begin to describe.

So thank you for this opportunity, and I hope to see a picture of this wonderful family when they are reunited.

p.s. ok- so the booties kinda look blue, but I PROMISE they are tan. :) Here's the fabric swatch from Robert Kaufman Fabrics:

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Luvz Her Marine said...

Thank you so MUCH for making these for my babygirl. They are absolutely PERFECT, I was a little scared at first because they look blue here but now I know that it's the lighting. Well I can not wait to receive them and put them on my babygirl. I will definitely send you a picture. If you want I can refer you to other Marine Wives because trust me they will be asking. So if you want more clients I can definitely do that for you. But once again THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are a lifesaver. xoxo.

Daria said...

Very sweet!