Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Adios hair-fro.

Yes- I realize that I just got a hair cut 2 weeks ago. But while on vacation I realized that my hair-fro is so incredibly out of control that I really don't want to deal with it right now. Unfortunately when I decided this (at - oh - 8pm on a Saturday) my salon wasn't going to be open until Tuesday, so I had to wait! I didn't trust going somewhere else for an "emergency" cut, and I wasn't ready to get out the electric clippers and pull a Britney (again). Shaving my head bald once in a lifetime is enough- thank you. So when the salon finally opened on Tuesday I called and got an appointment for the next day.

So here's the "hair-fro before" pics (from Bermuda last week) and the "pixie cut after" pics (from today).

I know people are thinking- why did you chop off your hair - you were SO CLOSE! But here's the thing- I HATED it.

I LOVED what it used to be, and it's not the same. My hair fell out over a year ago. I shaved my head, walked around bald, wore a wig, wore caps, the whole 9 yards. It started growing back in the very beginning of this year, and it took it's sweet time doing so. The whole time my hair was just growing in I hated it. I hated it because I had absolutely no control over it. I couldn't do anything with it besides rub in some pomade and put on a headband. As it grew long(er), it got bigger, and puffier, and curlier. I was all of a sudden faced with this mop of hair that was taking control! I absolutely had to blow dry and flat iron it every day. If I let it air dry I looked like Richard Simmons....NOT a good look!

So last week when I realized that I had a CHOICE to go back to the pixie cut, it seemed perfect. Especially since I have this rockin' wig that's just sitting on a styrofoam headform on my dresser. Kim from the Real Housewives of Atlanta wears a wig, why can't I! (I think Kim should get some of my headbands to wear with her wigs too!!!)
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I thought I could get the best of both worlds- a no hassle super short 'do, and a "perfect every day" long hair wig look! So watch out now- you never know what look I'll be sporting from day to day....hey, this might actually more strangers approaching me at Bed Bath and Beyond asking me if I'm The Diaper Bag Wrangler!!!!


Suzanne said...

I think the pixie cut is cut and anything that is more manageable is a bonus in my book!
I'm thinking of getting a shorter style wig so I can mix it up and leave people guessing!

Way to take control KC!

Suzanne said...

That should read the pixie cut is cute...