Friday, November 6, 2009

Cute Couture- Patchwork Skirt

Let me first preface this by saying that I really don't do apparel. Aprons are about as close as I get to sewing clothing! I've been teaching adult sewing classes at the ACPPA Community Art Center and for Spring Ford School District Community Education this fall, so I have had to dig deep into my box of ideas for projects. As I'm teaching these classes, I keep getting inspired to make new and different things while doing research. So here's a little project I whipped up:

I had a bunch of Dr. Seuss fabric scraps from a sheet set that I purchased from Pottery Barn Kids (and promptly cut apart) last year. Hey- sheets give good yardage! And Seuss fabric is IMPOSSIBLE to find. So I cut the scraps into 5" squares and paired them with my red Lattice fabric from Joel Dewberry. I sewed the squares together (did I mention that I also DO NOT QUILT??) to make 3 rows of varying lengths. Then I used Pellon iron-on stabilizer to use as a lining on the backside of my patched squares. Once I had all that done I started from the top- I made a cased waistband and pinned the top layer inside of it, then I pleated the 2nd and 3rd layers to give it a little fullness. I just kinda eyeballed it as I went, sewed it together and then waited for Lilly to wake up the next morning so I could try it on her and then cut it down to her size. I realized that I had made it REALLY big, but- I rather cut down than it be too small. Once I had it pinned to the right size, I used a rotary cutter to trim the excess width, slid the elastic in the waistband and sewed the seam together. Easy Peasey.

Lilly was THRILLED with her new skirt. We washed it up and laid it out for her to wear to school today (which she promptly paired with zebra print socks and gold shoes). Ahhhh....Dr. Seuss would be proud.

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