Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy ZOLO

Thank you Philadelphia for being one of the most ridiculous towns I have ever known. Because of you, and your quest to bring Major League Soccer to our fine town, I can never read, see or hear "2010" without first thinking "ZOLO".

History of "ZOLO" (from wikipedia):
At the "Meet the Owners" event held two days before the official MLS expansion press conference in Chester, PA the Sons of Ben (A group created to support MLS coming to Philly) wore nametags with handwritten numbers intended to read "2010." The number was mistakenly interpreted as "ZOLO" by team ownership group member, Nick Sakiewicz. WHO ACTUALLY REFERRED TO THE TEAM AS ZOLO. This led to Philadelphia Union being referred to as the "Zolos" in a series of inside jokes by the group.

I really was hoping our team would be named "ZOLO" but alas, a public vote went out and it was named the Philadelphia Union.

So here's to a marvelous ZOLO.

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