Thursday, February 25, 2010

300cc = 1.5 Cups

Never in a million years did I EVER think I'd have breast implants. Although my implants will be reconstructive and not cosmetic, it's still strange to me. But a good strange. I postponed my reconstruction for like 15 months and was really getting used to my flat chest. I didn't necessarily LIKE it, but I was used to it. But there were times when it was a nightmare- basically anytime swimsuits or dresses were involved. But now - oh my- clothing is like a whole new experience for me.

So far I've had 5 saline fills in my tissue expanders for a total of 300 cc in each side. For the metric deprived 300cc = 1.5 cups, so I have 3 cups total of saline in my chest right now. I'm kinda starting to feel like a keg... minus the beer and the tap. My surgeon feels 2 more fills will give the "perfect proportion"....whatever that may be.

Here's the pics from after fill #4 and #5:

Here's a quick recap of the 5 fills:
Fill 1- pain
Fill 2 - no pain, but discomfort
Fill 3 - excruciating pain and back spasms
Fill 4- no pain
Fill 5 - no pain

I don't know if I'm lucky the last 2 fills have been "easy" or if the worst is yet to come. I mean- the last 2 fills were not entirely pain free, there's been some major soreness on my sides and in my back, but it hasn't required painkillers or kept me from doing my everyday routine. Regardless- I'm always preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. I was able to schedule my surgery yesterday, so on April 30 I'll have the tissue expanders removed and silicone implants put in, plus I'm having my mediport taken out. I also have decided to have nipple reconstruction which will happen at least a month after the permanent implants go in. That is simply fascinating to me....

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Suzanne said...

Greatest day EVER!! That just so happens to be MY birthday!! Congratulations!