Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Foobies

Today was the day I had been dreading. The day of my FINAL tissue expander fill. You might be saying- whaaa? Wouldn't you be HAPPY to get the last fill- it is, after all, the LAST fill. Nope.

Fill = Pain.

Pain that is unexplainable. Pain that does not subside. Pain that wraps from my sides to shoulder blades. Pain that radiates down my triceps, abdominals and back. Pain that does not respond to Percocet, Vicodin or Valium. Pain that prevents me from sleeping. Pain that prevents me from picking up my daughter.

So in preparation for the inevitable pain, (and the pain in the a** that I subsequently become) I made arrangements for Lilly to have a playdate and sleepover at Uncle Andy's house. Yep- on a "school" night. How many kids get to have a sleepover at the "fun aunt and uncle's house" on a Monday??? After preschool today, I took Lilly right over to my brother's house. From there I rushed to my dr. appointment. But the universe must have been telling me something because I hit every single red light. No joke. It was like the night I went into labor with Lilly- March 3, 2006 and at 11:50pm, on a Friday night, we hit EVERY SINGLE RED LIGHT getting to the Emergency Room.

Anyway, I was just a few minutes late to my appointment, but no worries- my surgeon is only 30 minutes behind today! Woo-Hoo! So as I'm sitting in the waiting room, fearful that my "foobs" are going to rip open as soon as the pending expansion occurs, my name is called. I go back to the procedure room, get dressed in my jacket gown, and wait. I'm thinking...hmmm... you think he'll notice if I drain out 20cc from the prepared needles before he gets here? Too late, my Plastic Surgeon walks in.

I start out by saying I want a new Rx for Percocet because it seems to help the "most". And by "most" I mean- gets me feeling good so I don't notice the pain as much. (It's also enjoyable to watch LOST while on Percocet). He takes a look at my "foobs" and says..."hmmm. How do you feel about this size". I tell him I love it and I'm beyond thrilled with the results so far. He continues to express concern for my over stretched skin and the fact the the incision skin is so thinned out he'd prefer not to do another expansion and just call it quits. Whaaat???? I'm DONE!!??

Basically, he doesn't want to mess up what I have going on, OR put me through more pain. I totally respect that. So we agree to meet again next week to go over the implants and sign all the consent forms. He says that on Monday he'll take a look at my skin and see if we can "maybe" do 1/2 a fill...but at this point I really don't care! I am up to 420cc on each side! Holy C Cup!!

After fill #6 (360cc)

And finally - after fill #7 (420cc)

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