Wednesday, July 21, 2010



It really takes a lot for me to get worked up about things, but I get annoyed - fast- when you try to do the "right thing" and it backfires on you.

I have a small pile of items to return to a certain retail store. (I am not going to name this store, because I have learned in the past that Customer Service people from big companies tend to troll the internet for complaints.) I typically go to this store a few times a month and have honestly forgotten to grab my bag or returns each time. And of course, every time I go there I have that "d'oh" moment when I remind myself to bring the returns - the next time. I never really thought it would have been an issue making a return either, because it is a HUGE nationwide retailer.

So tonight I had to go to this store, and I REMEMBERED my bag o' returns. And of course- I have the receipt for ALL the items I would like to return. The total of all items to be returned is about $35. I was also PURCHASING about $70 worth of stuff too. So at the checkout, the MANAGER was going to ring me up. I told her that "I have a return". And she got all huffy while I organized my items and receipt to make the return. She then looked at my receipt and said, "you can't return these, it's past the 90 day return window", and then she snips- "WHICH IS PRINTED ON THE BACK OF YOUR RECEIPT." So I ask- "can I just EXCHANGE this for a different color?", to which she replies "no".

So here's why I am annoyed. You can make a RETURN WITHOUT A RECEIPT, but you would get your item returned at lowest price during the past 90 days. Could I do that? No, because I "HAD" a receipt. I would HAPPILY have taken the lowest price during the past 90 days! I would be happy just to swap the color! Store credit- I'd spend it in a second! I'm not even asking for my money returned, I just want to exchange! I wasn't trying to return something seasonal, everything I was returning was currently sold in the store!

So what's the point of being an honest shopper? What's the benefit of a return policy that basically refuses returns with a receipt, but allows returns without a receipt? What's preventing me from going back to the store "without my receipt" and making my return tomorrow?

Update: guess who got herself a store credit today.


MMM said...

You should to talk to a manager about it. Go to customer service and explain, A) how rude the check out person was, and B) the situation. They should make it right. I hate it when things like that happen! Just makes you NEVER want to go back. :)

Kathie Quinn said...

screw them. Was it target? It was target, wasn't it?

K.C. said...

Kathie - It was not target.

Micah- the store manager was the one giving me the grief!

Well, I did get my store credit today. Another manager at another store was MORE THAN HAPPY to take back my stuff without the receipt.