Monday, October 18, 2010

Problem Solved

I have this:

And I drive this:
Yep- your basic cookie cutter 2001 Honda Civic.
It has a 1 disc CD player.

Lilly has become quite demanding when it comes to the music being played in the car. I bought her a Laurie Berkner CD about a year ago and we LITERALLY have listened to the SAME CD every day. Over and over and over. I bought one of those MP3 FM transmitter thingy-s a while ago and it sucks.

My tolerance of "Rocketship Run" is getting increasingly smaller.
So I devised a plan.

Today I bought one of these:
It's a portable MP3 speaker.
And it's going in my car.

The guy at Staples looked at me like I was insane when I told home what I was doing when he tried to up-sell me a "fancier" speaker.

I immediately downloaded the entire Laurie Berkner library from Rhapsody.
Along with Justin Timberlake, Zee Avi and the Cast of Glee.

Here's to my new ghetto rigged car audio system:

1 comment:

Lc said...

As long as it is there as set of earphones for when Rocketship Run is playing so you have some quiet?