Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Personal Livestrong Challenge

This August- I will be a THREE year breast cancer survivor.

2011 is also my FIRST cancer free, chemo free and surgery free year since 2008.

So to celebrate I am participating in not ONE, but TWO Livestrong Challenge 5K races. The first is in Philadelphia, PA on August 20, which is 2 days after my personal Survivor Day. The second is in Austin, TX in October.

Looking back on the past two (plus) years, I wish that I could have participated in Livestrong....or another event. My friend Kathie started Team F#@K Cancer in 2009 and participated to honor her husband who lost his battle with cancer.  She was kind enough to run in my honor in 2009 and 2010.

This year I am going to run by her side.

I cry each and every time I see this picture.

I created Team F#@K Cancer- East for the Philadelphia, PA Livestrong Challenge. It's the "sister" team of the Team F#@K Cancer based in Austin, TX. This is the year I move past being a "patient" and become a true survivor.

Yo Cancer! I'm gonna beat you down like Drago!

My Team goal is to have 15 members registered for the Philadelphia Challenge and raise $1,500. So far I have 2 members - me and Mike. So that leaves 13 people to recruit. And we have raised $0. So that leaves $1,500 to find. Granted- it's only March and the race is in August...so maybe I'm just being a neurotic planner. Want to join our team or donate? Click HERE.

As part of my personal fund-raising goal, I am creating a "Livestrong Collection" for The Diaper Bag Wrangler. All net proceeds from item sales will be donated to the Livestrong Foundation. I selected 2 fabrics for the collection and I am so excited to get them delivered and start working on everything.


All of the Diaper Bag Wrangler products will be available with these fabrics. That means headbands, kids aprons, womens aprons, zippered wet bags, link loop diaper bags and travel changing pads. The Collection will be posted through the Etsy Shop and the Website in April.

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