Monday, May 9, 2011

Mini Wet Bags!

The mini wet bags that many people have been asking about are finally available!

"Our mini zippered wet bag is ideal for personal  items like mama cloth, cosmetics or toiletries.  You could also use for keeping snacks or any  other small items. On the side you will find a 3/8"  ribbon handle/ link loop combo so you can hang  or clip your wet bag anywhere, or use as a  wristlet. The plastic link is completely removable.

Each bag features waterproof 1 mil Polyurethane  Laminate (PUL) lining. The lining is sewn  separately to reduce wicking. Measures 6" H x 7"  W with a 7" zipper.  (About the size of a plastic  sandwich baggie). Wipe interior with wet cloth or  machine wash gentle, machine dry low/line dry.  Do not bleach or iron."

 You can purchase them at the WEBSITE (
and also at the ETSY SHOP (

great for cloth wipes or mama cloth

same ribbon handle and clip as the larger bags

use for snacks....

or small electronics...

or cosmetics...

plastic link is removeable

ribbon handle to use as wristlet

regular and mini wet bags

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Kathie Quinn said...

Use to hide your tampax in when you work with a bunch of boys who have a habit of digging in your purse for gum or candy. :) I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!!