Monday, July 25, 2011

Fab Find - Lil Blue Boo Pieced Tunic Pattern

Oh. my. word. I don't even know where to begin!!!!!

I came across this pattern from Lil Blue Boo few weeks ago and it jostled something within me. Unfortunately I did not bookmark the page and yesterday when the inspiration hit an all time high, I could not for the life of me remember where I saw the pattern. So I scoured through my internet browser history... to not avail. So then I started google-ing crazy search terms...until I found it. And when I found it- I bought it. (and it's only $12 what a steal!!!)  And after I bought it, I immediately printed it.
Okay- so back in the day - September 1992, I saw the most amazing concert of my entire life. U2 Zoo TV. It was at Busch Stadium in St. Louis and I was a Freshman in High School. So being a young, hip "alternative" type teenager I bought my concert tee and wore it dotingly for years. And then I went away to college and packed it away, saving it for another time. And I saved it - for 19 years. (!!!) I had been thinking about what to do with these few bits and pieces of my younger years, and when  I saw this pattern from Lil Blue Boo, I KNEW this is why I had been saving this shirt for all those years.

On to the pattern.... this pattern is 1. EASY , 2. VERSATILE, 3. AWESOME! All of the directions are very clear and explained in a practical way so anyone with basic sewing skills can follow. The pattern templates are fabulous- with numbered dots to align the 8.5" x 11" printed pages to create the 3 larger pattern pieces for the tunic pattern. The sizing is very accurate, and allows for endless modifications.

I decided to go with a size medium pattern- which is for chest measurements up to 36". Its a perfect fit- snug but not tight. I may add about 1" another time to try a more roomy/"flowy" top. I decided on some coordinating tshirts from our pile of "clothes to donate", including a Tommy Bahama shirt that was my husbands. I will say this- the mens shirts worked well for the larger "bottom pieces", because I could use 1 entire piece. Once I had all the pieces cut out, it was a simple feed through my 4-thread serger. The only issue I had was the material I used for the neck and arm trim. I was SUPPOSED to use something with stretch, but I REALLY wanted to use the burnt orange color from the tee I used on the bottom back. It was just a regular cotton jersey - no stretch. So I had to MacGuyver the neck trim by ruching into a v-neck...which came out PERFECT in the end! I shortened the tank by a few inches and serged along the bottom hem.

I CAN NOT WAIT to try out some other variations. I think using some lighter weight / stretch jersey will be a better material to work with (duh- like the pattern says), but in the end there is NOTHING I would change about my re-do U2 tee. Thank you, thank you, thank you - Lil Blue Boo!!!

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Kristine in Madison said...

You are so AWESOME! That is the coolest shirt. Way to take an old favorite with lots of emotional value and make it new and super stylin.'