Saturday, August 6, 2011

CF4L Regretsy Submission

I'll admit it LOUD and PROUD.
I love Regretsy.

However, I'm a "silent lurker". I don't post regularly in the forums or on facebook. But I read EVERYTHING, and I donate items to the April's Army Charity Etsy Shop (which btw- raised like $8K last month - IN ONE WEEK for an artist in need!).

So this Guerrilla Craft Store Uprising started where people were going to craft and hardware stores and spelling out CF4L and other "Regretsy words" (yea- there's a whole secret language) with wooden letters, mailbox decals and things like that ...and taking pictures. So I had my own creative inspiration, and sent this submission to the site.

Hi Helen,

I could not resist a guerrilla CF4L.  I make sweet and innocent personalized toddler / little kids aprons but when cutting out felt letters today I decided to go rouge and feature a CF4L in my Etsy featured items.  Enjoy.

It's been about 2 weeks since I arranged my shop this way with the apron letters spelling CF4L. And today, Christmas came early. My submission was selected as one of 32 entries to possibly win some sort of awesomely inappropriate  prize.So feel free to vote for my entry HERE.

So yes- I am crying tears of glitter and mod podge with the hopes of winning something (which I actually have a decent shot at!).  But the best part is this:

Seeing "The Diaper Bag Wrangler" and "Regretsy" on the same website, and not being called out for selling crap, or photographing everything on barnwood, or making mustacioed steampunk octopi. So thank you Regretsy for accepting me into the club.

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