Thursday, November 1, 2012

Refrigerator Vinyl Makeover {using my Silhouette Cameo}


My fridge was in need of a vinyl re-do. I had a huge vinyl flower scroll on the left side for the past few years and decided it was time for something new.

Inspiration: the "Moroccan Print" background that came with my Silhouette Cameo.

I also wanted to add some "function" since the doors on our stainless steel fridge are not magnetic. Pick Your Plum had a daily deal for dry erase vinyl, so I purchased some of that to incorporate with my Morocccan design.

First: a little math needed to be done to calculate how many shapes across and down I could fit on each of the french doors. I also figured in the width of my vinyl material to have the least amount of waste. I enlarged the .svg file in Silhouette Studio to be the right size and manipulated the spacing a tiny bit so I could then weld the shapes together. Once I had my basic design, the Cameo cutting began. I decided to weed the larger solid shapes of the cut vinyl so I could  use them for another project.  Then I just eyeballed the placement for the first section and puzzle pieced everything from there.  I did try to reuse my transfer paper as much as possible to reduce waste.

Once the left side was done I took a little break...for like 3 months. Then Hurricane Sandy came, and we were all stuck in the house so I decided to finish my refrigerator project. Since the left side was complete I use that to figure out where my vinyl dry erase sheets would be placed on the right side. The dry erase sheets were about the size of 3 across and 2 high of the Moroccan design. Here's how I made the larger dry erase shapes (and I'm sure there's a few different ways of doing this):

Step 1: Release paths

Step 2: Separate outer line from interior design, delete interior 

Step 3: Use the "edit points" icon and delete all points between the apex(es?) on each side.

Step 4: You will have this shape which retains the corner design

Then all I had to do was cut out the dry erase vinyl and continue applying all the vinyl shapes for the right side. After I was done I added our names in to each dry erase sheet.

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