Sunday, August 31, 2008

I love you percocet

I came home today, everything went as expected and I'm doing really well. In the hospital I was on morphine IV, but now at home I get percocet which makes me (a little loopy) sleepy, dizzy and pain free. Here's a quick (drug induced) recap :

Friday at 10am we checked into the hospital. My surgery was scheduled for 1pm and there was a little mis-communication about an injection that they were planning on giving me to aid with my lymph nodes which I ended up not needing. So I had to wait a little longer than I should have needed to, but I was doing well. I had 5 IV pokes, it obviously wasn't my nurses best day. 2 in the hand that were misses, then the IV team came and got one in my wrist and then they got one in my arm for bloodwork. Later on I asked to get a new IV in the OR, so they put one in my forearm.

My surgeon held my hand as I went under and a few hours later I woke up in recovery feeling pretty good. No pain, nausea or anything like that. Other patients in recovery were having a rough time so I was stuck there waiting for it to calm down so the nurses could move me to my room. I was on the "rough" end before so I was happy to wait especially since I was feeling so good. Around 5:30pm it calmed down and I moved to my private room. I saw Mike, my mom and dad in the waiting room and I waved to them as I was wheeled by. I think they were surprised to see how well I was doing. I peed right away (and that's a really big deal!) and got some clear foods and kept that down, so things were looking good.

I fell asleep pretty early and was up off and on all night w/ the nurses checking my vitals and going to the bathroom. I woke up about 6am Saturday morning and hung out before breakfast. Dr. Bob came by and said that I could go come today, but I said no thanks...I'll go home Sunday. I had lots of visitors on Saturday and I was pretty out of it, but it's nice just to have company.

I slept off and on most of the day and around 2am I got a double dose of percocet which allowed me to sleep from 2am until almost 8am. Today (Sunday) I was ready to come home. Mike came about 9am and I was discharged. Lilly was very happy to see me but even more happy that I had balloons. I spent most of today in bed and came downstairs for dinner.

Mike's helping me with my drains. I think they are gross but I only have to deal with them for a few more days. I feel like a mummy- I am bandaged up so tight I have armpit cleavage. I don't know what to expect once the bandages come off but I'll just have to deal with that once it happens.

On a side note, my brother's best friend (and best man at his wedding) Dave lost his mother to breast cancer a few years ago. This past Friday was her birthday so we all felt that she was looking over me as I went through the surgery. So thank you Mrs. M.

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