Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When it rains, it pours

I decided to make what happened on Monday into 2 posts. The first part being the surgical consult and decision making (to boob or not to boob). This is what happened about 2 hours AFTER I returned home from the consult on Monday. This could ONLY happen to me.

My next door neighbors J. and K. went out of town (actually, out of the country) for a wedding. They asked me to keep an eye on their 3 cats and pick up their mail while they were gone. So, they left on Saturday and are coming home on Thursday. I have never watched their cats before, mostly because they never go anywhere, but my neighbors are good friends of ours so I was more than happy to help. Plus it would give me something to do for a few days.

After dinner on Monday I went over to check on the kitties and give them some food and water. I walk into the house and hear a noise that sounds like running water. Their house is a different model than mine so I don't know where the bathrooms and stuff are. Now, K.'s sister L. does stay at their house from time to time, and I was reassured that she would NOT be there while they were away. Still, things can change and the last thing I wanted to do was walk in on L. and scare her! So I'm calling "hello" and looking for signs of anyone being in the house. I get to the kitchen and see water ALL OVER THE FLOOR! NOOOOO!!!!! I'm now running all over the house trying to see where the water is coming from, and it's coming from the refrigerator! The water line to the icemaker had burst flooding the kitchen. I run downstairs to their finished basement and the ceiling in their home theater room had fallen from the water and there was a huge gigantic puddle on their carpet. Panic! Panic!

I run back home to get Mike and grab Lilly (can't leave her unattended, you know!) and we are all just standing there dumbfounded. I run back over to my house (with Lilly who is barefoot) to get towels and a bucket (like that's REALLY going to do a lot at this point) and see my neighbor S. from the other side of my house. I yell- "HELP!" and quickly tell him what happened and he runs over to help Mike pull out the fridge and shut off the water main to the house.

While all that's going on I get ahold of K's. sister L. (who lives in NJ) and am trying to reassure her that it's not as bad as it sounds, but it's bad... and we don't know what to do! We DID take pictures in case their insurance needs them. She can't come over until Thursday, and that's when K. and J. will be home! We decide that it's best to clean up what we can, and Mike takes over our carpet steam cleaner to suck up as much water from the basement as possible.

I'm sitting there thinking...come on! what else can happen today! First my boobs and then a tidal flood! They are NEVER asking me to watch their cats again.

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Caitlin Domanico Photography said...

OH NOO!!!! At least their kitties didnt get out:)