Monday, September 29, 2008

The girls are back!

My new "boobs" are here! (And I KNOW how excited you all are to read about this.) Bosom Buddies called me to say that my boobs came in and I could pick them up at anytime. (well, they were a lot more professional on the phone, but that's the gist!) Since I have one crazy sense of humor, I have been waiting with baited breath to post about this!

We all piled in the car on Saturday and stopped by the boutique before we went to Costco. I had paid for everything in advance, so I only had to pick up my order and pay another $60 in insurance co-pays. My insurance covers a large amount of the cost associated with breast prosthetics (thank you - Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998). They give an allowance towards 1 set of prosthetic forms (that's 2 individual boobs) every 2 years, plus 4 bras and 2 camisoles per year. The boobs are about $550/pair, the camis $68 EACH and the bras range from $30 and up. Geez, this cancer stuff is getting expensive!

Mastectomy undergarments are just like normal ones, but they have little pockets sewn in for the prosthetics. The bras are a little more "heavy duty" since they have to offer support that your body might normally give. At the same time a lot of styles offer flexibility to be worn without the prosthetic form. I guess it's all a matter of preference. I'm still rocking my "training bra" for the boobless days. There are some pretty mastectomy bras, but my mediport interfered with the straps on most, so when I decide to rock the boobs, I get to wear this smokin' hot- white cotton - snap front - medical bra:

Anyway, when I went to try on my new boobs, Gina, the owner asked what size I wanted, C...D??? Ha- Funny! I decided that I wanted to stay my "normal" (A) size since they are not the most comfortable, breathable things in the world. Plus with chemo and all that stuff, I wanted one thing to easy. They didn't have the exact size I wanted in stock, so we used the next size up (B) as a gauge. It's an ordeal trying to put on the bra with the silicone forms! Holy cow! Plus they slide around a little bit, so you have to adjust them and stuff. I felt like I was wearing on of those sympathy pregnancy bellies, but without the belly....or a drag queen....not sure which.

The forms are made from a flowable silicone gel and have some fancy gel backer that supposed to help keep you cool (that is NOT true, they are HOT no matter what!). Each one comes in a cradle/ travel case that you have to store them in so they don't get all mushed up.

Anyway, I'm glad they're here...I'm not sure how much I'll actually wear them. I figured my treatment is going to take so long, reconstruction is so far in the future...dresses are made for boobs....why not. So here's the (not so drastic) before and after... I know...I know... which is which..

I will say this- in my INDIVIDUAL opinion- having smaller breasts (or "boobies" as Dr Bob referred to them at my last appointment) is an advantage when it comes to undergoing a mastectomy. I think since there was not a whole lot there to begin with, it's less to miss, and easier to get used to. Strange...


graymama said...

Aw, Jon was hoping for porn star boobs :-P

I think you made the right choice, and they look great on you :-D

K.C. said...

...and that's why he's married to you! ;)