Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mini Shopping Spree

There's a whole other world of lingerie and accessories out there for mastectomy care. Paoli Hospital referred me to a little boutique called Bosom Buddies. They are located at 36 Chestnut Road, Paoli, PA 19301 and specialize in bridal, boutique and breast care lingerie. I stopped by last week before my surgery to get a few things to tide me though the initial recovery stage. They suggested a compression camisole which has pockets for the "chicken cutlets" and little pouches for the drains.

I also browsed through their "chicken cutlets" (aka cc) which come in many different options. They have foam, concave foam (for those who have some muscle definition), foam with gel and gel. I opted for a pair of foam. They are lightweight and washable and slip into the little pockets all the mastectomy bras have. Mastectomy bras look like nursing bras but without the flap. I'll go back in a few weeks to get fitted and get some new gear. They also sell stick on silicone nipples (in 3 colors/2 sizes). My sister in law says they are for those who are "lights-on". Ahhh the mind of a newlywed.... Anyway my insurance covers most mastectomy care like 4 bras a year, prosthesis (cc), and post surgical garments. I owed a whopping $6.

My friend Caitlin sent me a little care package for my recovery with a flaxseed and lavender hot/cold wrap from Home Grown Pillows . This was SOOO much better than the ice packs the hospital sent me home with so I decided to order another wrap. All you do is stick it in the freezer in a ziplock and in about 2 hours you have a nice soothing cold pack. This fits perfect across my chest and the lavender helps me sleep (also with the help of percocet!).

I also started shopping for my chemo treatment care and came across this funky shop on Etsy called The Hat Cottage. I picked up a chemo/scrub hat in their Soothing Seafoam pattern. Her quality is top notch and you will be seeing me rockin' her hats during chemo!

The last item I picked up is a wool felt breast cancer awareness pin from Happy House Quilts. She is also going through treatment for breast cancer so I am happy to support her and her Etsy shop.

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Caitlin said...

Looks like you are all set! I am glad you liked the pillow and are getting more:)