Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wait- put the bandages back on!

Today was the big "unveiling" from my mastectomy. I did not look, nor did I want to look, nor do I EVER want to look. Well, I did take a peek at home after my afternoon nap. Not such a great idea. (I will NOT be posting pictures, so no worries!)

My mom went with me to see Dr. B and get my bandages and drains removed today. First they de-mummified me and I was excited for some relief. I soon realized that my skin was T-I-G-H-T and it wasn't the sweet relief I was hoping for. Then the drains came out. My friend Robyn ( a nurse) said they would not hurt coming out but oh- did it hurt! Then Dr. B said there might be blood that squirts out of the holes in my skin for a few days. Ugh! Like I haven't been through enough. I hope he's kidding- he has the same demented sense of humor as I do.

So everything looks good (so I hear, I'm still not peeking) no swelling, bruising, etc. I'll get my staples aka "railroad tracks" removed on Monday. I ask how much that will hurt and he promised that it wouldn't hurt and if it did I could punch him. (no joke) I told him it would hurt too much for me to put forth the effort to hit him. I'll let you know how it all goes down next week... I'm thinking pay-per-view...K.C. vs. Dr. Bob in a post-mastectomy staple removal throw down....

Dr. B then decided to yell at me because I sleep all day. I HURT- what am I supposed to do? My shoulder/armpit/arm is still numb and he wants me to get mobile so it doesn't freeze up. So Lorraine (my mom) lectures me for oh- an hour or so about exercises and how my dad had to get PT for his shoulder because his froze up- I GET IT!

Once I'm home- I take my 1pm- 5pm nap. Screw Dr. B...I'm tired, in pain and the percocet makes me sleepy! I need the rest- I had my boobs amputated! When I wake up I decide to take a peek. Whadayaknow- Halloween came early- I look like Frankenstein. The left side (simple mastectomy) isn't so bad. The right side (modified radical mastectomy) is pretty shocking. Mike says it's not as bad as I think...but I'd be much happier covered up in those bandages!

Still no official pathology yet...apparently some autopsy took precedence over my boobs. So much for my "golden ticket". Dr. B yells at the lab to get cracka-lackin on my biopsy. (my words, not his). So Monday I'll get the scoop on the extent of my cancer... fun...more waiting!

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graymama said...

No worries about the staples! When I had mine out after my cesarean birth, all I felt was pressure. There was no pain. Also, I have permanent numbness from the cesarean. It felt weird at first, but I am totally used to it now. So no worries about that, too!