Monday, September 8, 2008

The results are in

The staples from the mastectomy came out today. How something that scary and tough looking can hurt so little being removed is beyond me. It feels kind if like a tiny pin prick when they are pulled out, some of them I felt, and others I had no idea. Nurse L. decided to "race" Dr. B to see who could get their side done first. Of course Nurse L. won because she had the left side and Dr. Bob had the huge inscision on the right side where I claimed he "slipped" during surgery (where the had to cut into my armpit to remove the lymph nodes). So the staples are out!

The pathology came back and here's the results:
Type of cancer: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma
Size: about 2 cm
Stage: IIA
Lymph nodes involved :1 (out of 9 removed)
Hormone Positive ER/PR (both estrogen and progesterone)

So it turns out only the right side had cancer! This is a huge relief since the scans showed "an area of concern" on the left. I chose not to have additional biopsies since we elected the bi-lateral mastectomy. The right side had the lump that I originally found which was indeterminable as a lymph node. So we will never know if it was cancer that was on the edge of the breast tissue near the lymph nodes or if it was a lymph node that was 100% taken over by cancer. The pathologist was unable to determine. Oh well.

Next Tuesday I am back in for another surgery to have a mediport installed in my chest for my chemo treatments. The mediport will go near my collarbone on the left side and will be connected to my vein. It kind of loks like a contact-lens case with a flexi tube attached. When I have chemo or blood work the port will be accessed with needle and I won't have to deal with the numerous needle pokes in my hand or arm. The procedure is outpatient and will take about 20 minutes. I'll receive twilight anesthesia and go home sometime Tuesday afternoon.

After Tuesday I won't see Dr. B for 3 months! I hope he doesn't miss me too much. After that it will be 6 months and then a year (and then every year). Even with my new bionic saline boobs he still will check up on me. I got a prescription for my prosthetic "chicken cutlets" today. I've been rocking a "training bra" for the past few days...I totally feel like I'm 12 years old again.


Sharshun said...

I am thrilled that you are staying so positive through this. I have been reading your blog updates, because I know you've had people over and need your rest. How about next week for a play date for Hope and Lilly? (You can even take a nap, or put me to work.) I'll be in touch soon!


Caitlin said...

This sounds like wonderful news!!!!!

Stay strong buddy!

Cecilia Kate said...

i must say, i'v been reading your blog since ags shared it with us. you are very strong and inspirational, kc. and from what your husband tells us - you're a fighter! chin up and stay strong :)

Mike said...

Hey! So glad to hear those staples didn't hurt too much! It looks like we are all keeping track of you via your blog so keep it coming. Your attitude is amazing. I will talk to you soon!