Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life in general

There hasn't been much excitement on the "cancer front", so I thought I'd just update about what's been going on in general.

Fisherman Mike-
Mike is going to Pittsburgh tomorrow (just for the day). He'll be sporting a new suit, it's not a job interview...he's going to visit one of his partners, Dick's Sporting Goods. (I also found out that Mike and other Directors/Executives flying out have to be split up on different know, in case of a plane crash...who knew!) Apparently Dick's office dress code is business attire, which is the complete opposite of GSI Commerce (Mike's office). Mike usually wears jeans or khakis, a button down shirt and sneakers to work...not bad- right? Since he previously only owned the wedding/funeral black suit (the same one he wore in Vegas when we got married) we thought it was time to buy something new for the meeting. So we all took a trip to KOP Mall and stopped by Jos A Bank a few weeks ago and picked up a new brown suit for Mike, and had Cheesecake Factory for dinner (FYI- it was lousy).

Mike has also been rooting feverishly for the Phillies. He told me the other night if the Phillies win the World Series it will be the 3rd greatest day in his what are #1 and #2? He's been a little moody since Saturday when the game was rain delayed and went on until like 2am. Luckily they won that game. I'm not even going to talk about the "Suspended Game". I grew up in the best baseball town of all- St. Louis, and I'm a pretty good "sports wife". Unfortunately I have been so tired I fall asleep on the sofa every night and miss most of the game. Mike's also tried to get a few mornings of fishing in, but hasn't had the best of luck. You can read his "falling in the creek adventure" and his other blog posts HERE.

Crazy Lilly-
Lilly has been bouncing off the walls with excitement for Halloween. She has no idea what it is, but she knows you get candy and you wear a costume. Wow- she is SOOO my daughter! This year she is being Sally from Cars. Cars is the big obsession right now, she wants to watch it every day and has Lightning McQueen jammies, blanket, hat, t-shirt etc. It was Mike's great idea to buy the DVD when I started treatment and maybe it would get me a few minutes of quite time. It has turned into a full on nightmare.

Other than Cars, Lilly likes chocolate pudding, chicken nuggets and cherrios, Hi-5 and Dora, coloring, soccer and wearing her Disney Princess light up sneakers. She loves school and kissing Matthew Sabin (her future husband and my friend Danielle's son).

Old Man Caesar-
Caesar (our fat, old pug) is fat and old. He's sleeping a lot more and we think his hearing is starting to go. We adopted him over 6 years ago, and he was an adult dog at the time. I think he's 10 years old now. He plays with Lilly a little bit here and there, but mostly stalks her for food.

The Diaper Bag Wrangler-
You know I'm the Diaper Bag Wrangler, right? Things are a little slow, I only signed up for 4 craft festivals this fall, about 1/2 what I typically do. There's only 1 show left to do and it's in November. I added some new fabrics, and I'm re-designing the burp cloths to offer them in a set/2 for $12 instead of $7 each. We'll have the SUPERCRAZY SALE on Etsy starting Nov 17. That's where I blow out all my mish-mosh items for $5 or less.

Oh- I was called for jury duty. Unfortunately chemo and the judicial system don't mix well, so I have a doctors note exempting me from the trial. I was kind of bummed, I am very interested in the whole court system. My neighbors (remember the flooded house) are a lawyer and police officer so I am ALWAYS asking questions about law, court and most recently bail bonds...

So that's about it. I'll post the Halloween re-cap over the weekend. GO PHILLIES!!!

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