Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lilly's Preschool Halloween Parade

Lilly's preschool had a Halloween Parade today. It was so cute, the 3 year olds came marching out first (Lilly's boyfriend Matthew was dressed like a dragon) and the 2 year olds were next. Lilly was (of course) Sally from Cars...front and center for everyone to see. They sang 5 Little Pumpkins and had a Halloween party complete with goldfish crackers and juice boxes.

Here's a video too. I have a problem remembering that I can't turn the camera sideways in video mode, so just tilt your head and it will be just like you were there! Lilly was looking for her dad, since there were other dads there...sorry Mike.

We also went Trick or Treating at my doctor's office (well- one of them) on Tuesday. I figured since I'm there every week anyway it would be fun. Lilly had a great time seeing the office staff and getting CANDY. She liked it so much she snuck around a second time....wonder where she gets that from. I made her"gas can" treat bag out of felt...come on- her costume might be from the Disney Store (via ebay) but she needs to have at least ONE thing handmade!


Caitlin said...

Awesome! She looks so cute!

graymama said...

Lilly is the CUTEST! You both have a Halloween package coming from us :-D