Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The silliest thing I've done so far.

So my hair continues to fall out...unprovoked...and in massive amounts. Luckily it's only 1/4" long, but that means it's short and pokey. So I had the grand idea today to use our Costco bulk pack of 3M masking tape lint rollers to collect my hair. Directly off my head. It was like giving a bikini wax to my scalp, but there's no pain- or follicle ripping.

The lint brush...on the 20th layer. No joke. Danielle came over and saw me doing it.

The front and back of my head. I have some nice patchy bald spots. And a lovely tan line from my part!

* oh- and I must point out the ivy wallpaper as seen in our downstairs powder room. I did not do it...the house came with it and we can't stand it. It will one day get ripped off the walls, but first we have to address the country clutter wallpaper in the foyer. Why can't people just have good decorating sense!!!!


Luana said...

You look good with short hair. Kind of remind me Demi Moore in a movie that I can't recall the name. Are you sure that redness is not because of the #M tape against your skin. Miss you I'll see you this week.

K.C. said...

Lu- The red stripe is just from the sun. I have (or had) that part part in my hair and it always gets (or got) lots of sun. More hair came out in the shower today, the water just blasts it off. I have all these bald spots all over. :)

graymama said...

You look HOT! Having a bald noggin suits you :-D

Thanks so much for making me feel better yesterday. You are the BEST!!! <3 I hope I made sense. I felt like the phlegm in my head was blocking my brain functions.

PS Damn bloglines! Blargh! It makes me all behind on your blog posts. I am going to start checking it directly, so I stay up to date.

PPS I will keep you updated on Jon's hair/no hair.