Monday, October 13, 2008

This is gross - updated

If you get skeeved easy, don't read the paragraph below and pretend I'm blowing you a fishy-kiss in the picture.

I thought I could avoid those awful mouth sores my doctor warned me about. I brush my teeth 2 or 3 times a day, I have been using an alcohol free mouthrinse 3 times a day (I'll admit...I slacked on that a little last week, but not a lot), drink lots of water, keep my mouth moist, etc. But those little blisters decided to join the party yesterday. So far they're only on one side, but they are icky. They feel like dead skin just sitting on your mouth/lips. They're a whitish grey and a little puffy. It's here's a picture! Update (Tuesday) I called my doctor today about my mouth. I feel like a neurotic patient always calling with concerns, but that's just how it is! They were a little concerned and wanted to see me right away so I drove down this afternoon and they looked in my mouth and said yep- it's thrush. (Thrush is like a fungal infection in your mouth, gross right?) I got a Rx for 8 days of antiboitics to kill it. Stupid chemo!!!!

Other than that I had a slightly crummy weekend. I was sleepy a lot, so I would take naps here and there. My Neulasta kicks in today/tomorrow so that will help get me back on track. My head looks so funny... there's just a spot of hair on the top, and one down by my neck.


Kelly said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have been following along on your journey and you look fabulous without your hair. You are so brave and admire you so much for that. Good Luck.

Lc said...

Hey KC, The pattern you have going on looks like the pictures from the "Weather Channel" . It must be "Hurricaine KC". Love you. You are beautiful. See you soon.

graymama said...

Did you learn how to fishy kiss from my kiddo?! That could be a picture of him :-P

I saw this PostSecret postcard and thought of you.

<3 U

K.C. said...

it's is like a little hurricane of hair! Seriously that's ALL that's left!