Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's 4:30am??? Time to Sew! & Upcoming DBW Events

The bad thing about chemo is it makes me super sleepy the first few days after treatment. So I typically fall asleep on the sofa or in bed around oh- 7pm, and kind of doze in and out of sleep/tv watching until 11pm when I take my "feel good / get me through the night" meds. Unfortunately my body only needs (and wants) about 7 hours of sleep, so like clockwork, I'm up somewhere around 4:30 or 5 am. So today instead of just lounging in bed listing to Mike snore, I got up, showered and I am going to bust out some major sewing before anyone even wakes up! And I will DEFINITELY take a nap when mom-mom and g-daddy get here today!

I have 2 upcoming events for The Diaper Bag Wrangler:


Kennedy Kenrick Catholic HS Holiday Craft Fair
Saturday, November 15 from 10am to 3pm
250 E. Johnson Highway Norristown, PA 19401
Look for me in the Gym


The S u P E r C r A Z y SALE at our Etsy Shop will be back starting NOVEMBER 17 and ends when sale merchandise is SOLD OUT. Huge savings up to 75% on discontinued items or fabrics and most items are under $6.00!! Sale items include Diaper & Wipes Organizers, Baby Wipes Cases, Changing Pads, Burp Cloths, Kimono Tees, Baby Booties, Crib Toy Hammocks and possibly more!. Quantities are limited and sell out fast!



Mike said...

Hey! Still keeping up with you through your blog. We will be around on Saturday to spif up our place for our "second showing" on Sunday!! Whoo hoo! Call me in the am if you are up to saying hello. I will swing by and give a quick hug and hello!


troutrageous1 said...

please come back to bed, you've got 2 more hours before I start hitting the snooze bar.