Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween! Here's the important stuff...4.5 pounds of candy! A little bit of it was from Danielle, she made me bring home some leftovers..

Here's the deal with our neighborhood- there are TONS of kids, but none of them live on our street. We live on the most anti-social, curmudgeon-y block in Montgomery County. There's about 70 townhouses on our street, and I think last year 6 - yes SIX- houses gave out candy. It's utterly disappointing. The only interesting thing is one of the neighbors around the corner is a bible school teacher and he sets out this huge Christian Rock Halloween on the entire front lawn with (Jesus) music, games and hot dogs. We're scared to go. Even for free hot dogs.

This year Mike had an idea to "invite ourselves" to our friend Danielle's house for trick or treating. We figured, the kids (and adults) would have a blast and Danielle lives in a very nice neighborhood with lots of families who go all out for Halloween. So we headed down the road for dinner (chili for the adults, chicken nuggets and tater tots for the kids... and for me). After dinner the kids (and Mike) got their costumes on.

Lilly was Sally the Car, Abigail was a Fairy Princess, Mia was Cinderella and Matthew was a dragon. BTW- all the kids are 4 and under...Mia will be 5 next month. Talk about a handful!

Mike wore a NASCAR shirt that he found at the office, and I made him this hat:

The kids were total troopers, the weather was pretty good. It got a little chilly, but everyone was wanting to be carried at that point so we headed back. I'd say we went to about 25 houses or so. Everyone stayed together, no injuries and all the adults somehow snuck handfuls of candy into their coat pockets.

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