Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kenmore 15516 (2003-2008)

Yesterday was a sad, sad day. My sewing machine passed over the rainbow bridge, and will find it's final resting place in the Ches-Mont Garbage Landfill tomorrow when my trash gets picked up.

I almost killed it last year, but by some miracle, I was able to resuscitate it and keep it going. It was actually pretty funny, I was on hold with Sears repair to schedule an appointment when I got disconnected. I took it as a sign from the sewing gods and was actually able to fix it on my own. Since then it's been a little touchy. The poor thing wasn't made for the abuse I gave it.

It was a Kenmore Model 15516. I got it for Christmas from my parents the year before they moved to Florida. I just wanted a simple sewing machine, and that's what I got! I never took sewing classes and I consider myself 100% self taught. I will say - my mom knows how to use a sewing machine, she was always good for hemming pants or making Halloween costumes. She showed me how to do a straight stitch, but I never knew how to thread a machine until I had my own.

Four attempts were made to save the machine, but it flatlined around 5pm...and all hope was lost. So, I went and bought a new one last night. Nothing fancy, just a replacement:

My new Kenmore 15358:

For Christmas, I am getting a new electronic sewing machine from Mike. I have 2 picked out, now just have to decide which one. I am really excited, they both do monogramming, so that will soon be an option for any Diaper Bag Wrangler items!

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Lc said...

I'm glad you gave that poor, overworked sewing machine a "Proper Sendoff" and found a new one right away. A good "Basic" machine is always good to have. You'll just have to wait till Christmas to get that "tricked out" toy.