Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chemo Anemia is the WORST!

Considering how I sailed through chemo, I am completely taken off guard as to my current "state".

I guess the fatigue started around Christmas. I noticed that I wasn't able to do as much as I had been. Maybe it was the holiday stress, family obligations...whatever. I did what I could, when I could, and the fatigue wasn't that bad. I was looking forward to my final chemo since it typically gave me a "boost", as crazy as that seems. That did NOT happen. This awful thing called chemo anemia took over.

Aside from the most sudden, incredible, intense fatigue that I could ever explain, I am in the most unexpected pain as well. It hurts to move, talk, type, walk, stand, sleep...anything. My muscles, joints, bones...everything aches and there's no relief. NONE.

In addition to the fatigue and pain, I'm in this "chemo fog". I can't focus on anything, I feel lightheaded and confused. It's constant and overwhelming, especially since I'm such a control freak! It sucks not knowing when these symptoms will end....a day, a week, a month??? It seems to be getting worse as opposed to better, so I'm starting to reach out to my friends and family for help.

We have made it though the past 5 months since my diagnosis pretty well. I think we were all surprised at how manageable everything was for us. I feel lucky that we made it so far before I fell into this other "realm of fatigue" and am, well, basically useless! The fact that the fatigue basically culminated within a few days is a little scary. The worst part is over, now the healing can truly begin.

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Mike said...

Just checking in. Hope things are getting better. I will be moving stuff out of the house on Saturday so I will come knock on the door. Open it only if you feel up to it!