Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I truly am a walking pharmacy

Just wanted to post a list of drugs I received at my last treatment.

1. Aloxi (anti-nausea)
2. Emend (anti-nausea)
3. Decadron (steroid)
4. Tagament (for reflux)
5. Benadryl (anti-histamine)
6. Tylenol (to offset joint pain from Herceptin)
7. Taxol (chemo drug)
8. Herceptin (therapy infusion to fight my cancer protein)
9. Aranesp (red blood cell booster)
10. Neulasta (white blood cell booster)
11. Claritin (offsets Neulasta injection pain)
12. Lexapro (my happy drug)
13. Atavan (my other happy/make me sleepy drug)

BTW- I spent OUT OF POCKET over $700 in drug pharmacy co-pays in 2008. Thank goodness for insurance!!!

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