Sunday, February 15, 2009

the fuzzy head

Lilly: No I like your fuzzy head!
Me: You don't like my hair? Should I cut it?
Lilly: (grabs a picture off the dresser of me with long hair) No like dis!
Me: Should my hair be long again?
Lilly: Yes.
(end of conversation)

Well, I'm trying!

It's been about 7 weeks since the first follicular growth was spotted. A lot of hair fell out again, but I'm finally past that! My eyebrows and eyelashes are growing in pretty fast. I think in a few weeks I'll actually need shampoo again!

I'm starting to feel more like myself. Less puffy, less irritable, less tired. I still fall asleep on the sofa some nights but I am definitely accomplishing more during the days. I've been cooking dinner regularly which is something I haven't done since August!

We are starting to catch up on our home decorating projects that were put off last year. The previous owner of our house had AWFUL decorating taste. Lots of country-inspired wallpaper, bad paint and questionable window treatments. Luckily we could see past the decor when we looked at this house, which I think most people could not. Yesterday Mike ripped down all the wallpaper in our foyer and staircase. Thank goodness- it was an awful cream, burgundy and navy "country clutter" pattern. Here's a "before" picture (like before we bought the house when we first looked at it):

We bought paint last night and the chair-rail, doors, trim and banister will be a khaki/taupe color. Under the chair-rail will be chocolate brown and above the chair-rail and in the hallways will be an oatmeal/ivory color. Very chic and neutral. I can't wait...even Lilly is excited to paint!

Now all I have to do is convince Mike to rip down the "ivy garden" wallpaper in our powder room. Ugh.