Friday, February 27, 2009

I gotta get my bling on before it's too late!

I'm one of those people who finds something I like and just sticks with it. I'm not adventurous when ordering off menus- I typically get the same thing every time we go to Longhorn Steakhouse (Flo's Fillet, house Salad w/ ranch on the side and a loaded potato). If I find a shirt I like, I buy every color it comes in. I just like what I like.

A few weeks ago Mike and I were at the King of Prussia mall having dinner and I wanted to stop by "MY" jewelry store- Christian Bernard (or CB for short). When we walked up the stairs, all I saw was signs plastered everywhere "BANKRUPTCY, LIQUIDATION, EVERYTHING MUST GO". Alright- my first thought was - Hells yeah! I'm getting my bling on! But I soon realized that MY store was closing forever! I was literally depressed.

It's the store that Mike and I first popped into when we were "just looking" for engagement rings. I loved their clean and classic styles, but when I dragged Mike in one day when we were dating (and I'll never forget this) he told me- "sure you can look, but there's NO WAY I can afford anything in THAT store" (he was SOOO wrong) . I saw THE RING and asked the salesperson to show it to me. So yes- I picked out my engagement ring. She wrote the model number down, and for MONTHS I would walk back and forth in front of the windows looking at the Antique Nouveau Collection that MY RING was a part of. And yes...I got my ring....

Christian Bernard is closing forever at the end of March, so I have been stopping by every few weeks or so and picking up a few things for myself. The good thing is everything like 60% off, so I'm not breaking the bank by any means (each piece below was around $100 EACH!)! Here's what I recently purchased:

Blue Topaz and Peridot Earrings:

Green Topaz (I think they're actually Green Amethyst) Earrings:

Diamond Pave Necklace:

So if you're in the market for some new baubles, it's a great little store. They are located in the KOP Court upstairs next to Smith and Hawken and California Pizza Kitchen.

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