Thursday, March 12, 2009

Karma... or car-ma

So here we are in Boca Raton, Florida! We really needed a vacation in the worst way. Nothing like going through chemo in the winter to make you yearn for somewhere warm and sunny...and far away from Oncologists and Surgeons!

K.C. and Lilly at Sugar Sand Park playing some weird game...

Lilly's first fish:

So the fun really started when Lilly decided she wanted to go fishing in the backyard on Wednesday (my parent's house is on a wide canal, so we can walk right out back and fish for chiclids, bass and some other fish). Mom-mom and G-daddy bought her a Cars fishing pole for using down in Florida. Lilly had been practicing at home for 2 weeks with her new Barbie fishing pole, so she knew how to cast and reel. We baited her hook with bagel and I had been feeding the fish so they were pretty close to the bank. We were totally prepared for her to freak out when a fish was hooked but surprisingly that didn't happen...right away.

The bobber when down and a fish was hooked! Her first cast EVER and she catches a fish! Lilly and Mike reeled that fish in for a good 5 minutes. There was a lot of "no, my do it!" going on, but they finally got the fish on the bank for pictures. Lilly freaked a little bit and hid while it flopped around during pictures, and we got it right back in the canal.
She IMMEDIATELY wanted to cast again. I ran inside to get my parents (surely they would want to see their 3 year old granddaugher show off her remarkable angling skills). While I was trying to round up the family I missed quite possibly the most infamous thing to happen in Lilly's 3 years of life.

The following is a second-hand account: Lilly hooked her second fish and was so excited, but when Mike tried to help her, she pushed his hands away and let go of the rod. Oops. The rod went sailing into the canal and the fish drug it under water. They watched it sink like the Titanic. Lilly was HYSTERICAL. When I came back outside, she was crying like I have never seen before. She kept saying, "the fishie took my fishing pole". So of course we said it must have been the biggest fish EVER if it took her fishing pole. We packed up our gear and headed straight to Target so Lilly could pick out a new fishing pole...she picked Disney Princesses.

Today Lilly and I took a nap after a day at the beach and while we were napping Mike went out to do some solo-fishing. He saw a yellow bobber floating in the canal...could it be??? He cast out a few times and finally hooked the bobber and line....which was attached to Lilly's CARS FISHING ROD! Talk about "car-ma"!!!! He pulled it out, and cleaned it up...good as new. So when we woke up from our nap, Mike told Lilly that he caught her rod, and totally saved the day!

Tomorrow we leave for Disney World...which should give me a month's worth of blog posts!

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Classy Mommy said...

enjoy disney! we had an amazing time. lilly will love it. kenzie loved peter pan and the Winnie the Pooh Ride. Get Fast Pass as much as you can. can't wait to read all about it. xo colleen :)