Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Lilly!!

Lilly turned 3 yesterday and we had a fun day planned. First- we went to Gymboree for Music Class with Miss Maria. Then we went to Diane's Salon and Lilly got a glamorous new haircut.

Lilly enjoys a haircut about as much as I do which is- NOT AT ALL. I didn't tell her where exactly we were going and she was, um...not exactly thrilled about being there. I expected a full on tantrum, but she was actually well behaved! After the salon, Lilly and I went to McDonald's for lunch. Yeah- big surprise there. She loves McDonald's, and her big treat was we got to eat inside, instead of taking it home. Ahhh- it's the little things in life.

While Lilly napped, I made cupcakes for her to take to school today. I also tried to accomplish everything under the moon that I have left to do before vacation, but a 2 hour nap only leaves you with- well...2 hours. After she woke up, Lilly helped me ice the cupcakes, and soon she decided just to eat the icing straight out of the jar... so I let her. She also helped me put the flowery sprinkles on them (and subsequently all over the floor).

Mike told Lilly that he was bringing home a surprise for her. So all day was- "what's my 'prise??" His trip to NYC was canceled at the last minute, which was great. Mike brought home 2 balloons and Lilly was thrilled. She spent all night letting go of them in the foyer and then running up the stairs and retrieving them from the balcony.

She also got a few gifts from Mommy and Daddy...

Not pictured is the Pull-String Woody Doll (from Toy Story) that we thought she'd love. Not so much- she actually told me she didn't want it and to take it back. Wow- she is SO my daughter.


gbear said...

Happy Birthday Lilly!!! I like your new haircut. G-Daddy & I can't wait to see you. We have presents for you.
Love MomMom

Caitlin Domanico said...

She looks so cute! I'm glad she had a great birthday!!!