Friday, September 18, 2009

8 months post chemo...

Wow- one year ago I had my port surgery and was getting ready for my first dose of A/C. Things now are pretty much back to normal, Lilly is back in school, plus she's taking ballet and swimming lessons. Mike is gearing up for the e-commerce holiday season. I am doing the same ol', same ol'. Anyway- just wanted to give a little update.

I still go every 3 weeks for my Herceptin IV treatment. The side effects are very minimal, mostly runny nose, headaches, but I get a little fatigue now and then. It' probably not just from the Herceptin...I do tend to push myself to the limit from time to time. I also take Tamoxifen which has some annoying side effects. Since the Tamoxifen targets the hormone part of my cancer it puts me in a peri-menopausal state. Nothing better than being 31 and having mood swings and hot flashes....constantly. I plan on having an Ooforectomy within the next year so my Tamoxifen therapy will have to change after the surgery.

If you see me, please do me a favor...PLEASE do not ask me if my hair was curly before chemo. Yes- it was a little wavy, but not curly. Now- my hair is a full on Kramer 'fro. It has a mind and will of it's own. There is NOTHING I can do to control it, well, besides wear a headband everyday, that seems to help the best. It is thick and puffy and I really detest it. I have tried pomade, gels, anti-frizz stuff...nothing keeps it from towering to a full on afro by the end of the day. Now I am using a mini flat iron and TRYING to get it at least smooth. Some people actually like my 'do. Well, here's the thing. Sure-maybe it might look cute (to some people), but this is not my hairstyle by choice. Therefore- I resent it and just want my pretty, soft, mostly-straight, long(er) hair back. Plus I have the mother of all chicken wings on my left side. Not so much on the right side- but the left side- I might take flight if there's a strong breeze.

Today I'm actually having a "somewhat of a good hair day"... the humidity is down, my headband looks I thought I'd take some pics.

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Lc said...

I love ya no matter what kind of hair-do you have. I've seen it all! Long, short, permed, straighter, peach fuzz and none, but I can't wait till it gets long so you can use Lilly's pony tail bands!! I can hear her now...No Mommy..MINE!