Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get Crafty - Applique Dress

Every now and then I contribute video blog posts for and I call my contributions "Get Crafty" and it's basically a crafty blog post with a video companion so you can see me actually making something. It's usually fun projects to do with your kids, or things to make for your kids. This weeks post I especially love. You know how kids ALWAYS ruin their clothes, like- the very first time they are worn. Usually with paint, markers or ketchup? Well, I did a post today about using appliques to cover the spots and for the first time- I did a 2 part video! (fancy-right?) The first part is the basics. The second part is more about embellishments. The best part is- my phone rings RIGHT at the end of the 2nd video. So, sorry about that. I'm a one take kinda' fancy editing here.

So here you are, my Get Crafty Blog post from 9/16/09:

Why are BRAND NEW CLOTHES such a MAGNET for spots and stains? It drives me crazy, but by using a simple applique, you can not only cover those stains, but personalize any article of clothing....AND it's easy! Today I am going to show you (in 2 parts) how to use applique to embellish really anything (stained or not!).

Materials Needed:
Clothing (shirt, dress, bag, etc)
Fabric Scrap
Steam a Seam 2 (or other applique adhesive, found at fabric shops)

*Extras-hand sew on buttons or ribbon trims, use decorative stitches with a sewing machine!

1. Cut out rough shape for fabric applique
2. Peel off 1 paper backer of Steam a Seam and press fabric onto adhesive
3. Cut out desired shape (can also use a die cutter machine!)
4. Peel off 2nd paper backer and position applique onto clothing
5. Use hot iron and press for 10-15 seconds (check instructions for exact timing)

Use zig zag stitch and machine sew along edges of applique
Hand sew on buttons or ribbon bow trims.

Part 1 Video shows basic applique:

Part 2 Video shows optional embellishments (machine sewing and button details):

K.C. is the Owner of The Diaper Bag Wrangler and contributes "Get Crafty" video posts.

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Lc said...

I love the videos and Lilly looks so cute in her dress. Sign me up for sewing classes!!