Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fab Find - Bogs

A few weeks ago, Mike got a Bass Pro catalog in the mail. (um- this is nothing new at our house, as we get at least 1 Bass Pro/Cabela's/Orvis/Field and Stream/PA Angler or something or other in the mail on a daily basis.) But as we were flipping through the catalog at dinner I spotted something unique- Bogs.

I am INCREDIBLY picky about footwear. I prefer comfort to style, but I also have a hard time finding something that fits my oh-so-sensitive feet. I hate boots because they rub on my ankles and feel tight on my calves. So this whole Bogs thing was going to be quite the adventure.

Living in the Northeast we get all the horrid weather- rain for a week, nor'easters, snow blizzards, and random 60 degree days in January. So having boots is a prerequisite. I unfortunately never really bought a pair- and would still shovel the driveway in my rubber and leather Bass Duck Shoes that I bought in college. Not too practical for going out in 8" of snow. Not too warm either....

So when I saw the Bogs- and the fact that they are waterproof, non-slip, non-marking, anti-microbial and comfort tested to -40 degrees. I was hooked- PLUS the fact that they come in some SWEET prints and colors!!! The tops of these boots are not only neoprene, so they are breathable, but they have handles cut in- how cool! Uh- downside- a tad bit pricey about $100 for either the Hi or Mid Classic Boots.

Today I was at DSW and saw...the BOGS!!!! Unfortunately they only has 1 style- the Classic Hi 14"Boot, but in the print I wanted. So I tried it on, for size and to see if I would even like them. Uh can you say- H-E-A-V-E-N! I was so excited... Their price was about $85, $15 less than reg. retail. I decided to come home and do some recon, I wanted to get the Classic Mid Boot, It's about 10" high and I thought it would be easier to wear with jeans and stuff.

Thank goodness for Zappos!!!! I found exactly what I wanted today, free shipping, free returns, you can't go wrong....
I'll be sure to post some pics when they come in the mail...should be here Tuesday!


Mama said...

They are super cute!!

K.C. said...

WAAAAYYYY cooler than wellies. :)