Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fab Find - LL Bean Fleece Lined Hoodie

The fam made a little trip to the LL Bean store in Allentown, PA this weekend. Main mission: fall jacket for Lilly. When we walked in the store Mike and I immediately noticed a hoodie with a plush lining. You know those adorable hoodies for babies that have that minky plush lining- and you find yourself saying "I wish they made this for adults!". Well- they do...at LL Bean.

Words cannot express the love I feel for this hoodie. I think the description of "fleece" is slightly misleading. It's not like a polar-fleece lining, it's like a baby blanket.... a soft marshmallow-y blankie.

So I picked out the Fleece-Lined Hoodie in Navy Blue ($49.95) and Mike got the same one for guys, but it has a much cooler name: Katahdin Iron Works Sweatshirt in Timber ($49.95). There's one for kids, but Lilly doesn't like hoodies so we saved $34.50 by not getting one for her.
The women's hoodie is thick, plush and WARM. The body and hood have the fleece lining, the arms are lined in a knit jersey. There's zipper pockets on the front. The men's hoodie has a slightly different fleece lining, it's more textured. The sleeves have a satiny lining and the pockets have a mesh lining. You will definitely want to put this on your holiday shopping list....if they're still available. I can see this item selling out fast!

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