Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Back!

Oh Geez.....It's been a while since my last post (to say the least).

I'm trying to get back on the "sewing train" after a long Holiday break, but the motivation is being re-directed into my workout regime. I started doing Reformer Pilates last September and I am 100% totally addicted. A few weeks ago I ordered a CoreBody Reformer from Nautilus/Bowflex and have been adding that workout to my routine. Along with the equipment came a recipe book and food journal, so I have been utilizing those guides...and guess what...I lost 2 pounds last week!

The CoreBody Reformer

Now, my Pilates instructor says "don't worry about what the scale says". I kinda agree with that. The whole goal of Pilates is to increase flexibility and create lean muscle. But at the same time, I need to lose about 20 pounds. And even with running/training for last year's Livestrong 5K, and adding Pilates towards the end of the year, I was still gaining weight. And not the "good muscle weight", more like the jiggly flubbery weight. Last year- I gained 13 lbs.

Most people look at me and say "you look great- you don't need to lose weight!", but the truth is- I'm not happy. This is not the body I want to live in. Going through cancer, chemo, menopause and hormone therapy are all reeking havoc on me.

However- I FINALLY found my BALANCE! I never EVER thought I'd become a calorie counter, but I am, and (for me) it works. Adding core/cardio with the CoreBody Reformer routine is helping me get a good sweat going. I am pushing myself a *tiny bit* more at my Reformer classes by adding a little extra resistance here, and a little less there - in attempts to maximize my efforts. I'm drinking about 6 or so glasses of water each day, and being honest about what I eat.

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