Friday, September 7, 2012

Menu Board - Silhouette Cameo

Problem: INCREDIBLY picky 6 year old, refuses to eat dinner.

Solution: Family menu board. Everyone gives input and we create our meal plan for the week.

Problem: white dry-erase board located on kitchen organizer sucks.

Solution: paint with Rustoleum chalkboard paint.

Once I painted over my dry erase board I could start designing our new menu board. I was a little pressed for time today so I purchased 2 shapes from the Silhouette online store downloads to speed up the design process.

I manipulated the calendar design in Silhouette Studio- deleted some of the boxes, made it longer and so on. I dropped the days of the week in and cut the design out on white premium vinyl.

After I weeded the vinyl, I used the Silhouette transfer tape, eyeballed the placement and stuck it on the chalkboard. Then I found some sidewalk chalk that Lilly left behind in our front yard (no joke) and wrote in our menu for the week. I plan on getting some of those fancy chalk pens, but for the time being, sidewalk chalk will do...

I intentionally didn't put "menu" or anything like that on my design in case I get lazy and stop writing our meal plans here. I can at least use it for special reminders or something else by leaving it kinda generic.

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leisa Birrows said...

brilliant. can i ask why u had to use transfer tape if it was cut on vinyl?