Monday, November 24, 2008

No! The thrush is back!

I woke up today with that super icky taste in my mouth...looked in the mirror and yup- the thrush is back. Looks like I'll be stopping by the doctor and pharmacy again today! It never ends...

Here's something to think about... how many people shop at Target? It's possibly my favorite store and close by, so that's where I get my Rx filled (plus for every 10 Rx filled we get a 10% off Target coupon, so for me that's practically a coupon every month!). Today I had to get the Diflucan for the thrush and pick up another script. When I got to the Pharmacy counter the Pharmacist said hi and walked over to get my bag without even asking my name. Am I here that much!?? At the TARGET Pharmacy! I really want to think that I'm just there a lot and it's not that I stick out because I'm 30, bald, boobless and usually have a toddler in tow. Anyway, my Target Pharmacy Team rocks.

You know who else rocks- my friend Danielle. I called her in a daze today because I was feeling horrible. The bone pain set in and the thrush, fatigue etc. was just too much to bear today. Lilly was ULTRA un-cooperative and did not take a nap...instead she decided to poop 3 - yes THREE - times instead of sleep. I was exhausted and just needed to get a little rest myself to make it through the day. Mike had a dinner meeting with a vendor and he was not going to be home until late, so I was solo with a C R a Z y kid. Danielle let me come over, she watched Lilly and let me sleep for 1 1/2 hours. We had dinner, the kids played and it was great. Thank you!

Other stuff:
Mike took Lilly to the Playhouse Disney show down in Philly on Saturday. I would have gone but I was exhausted (leg fatigue mostly), so grandmom went in my place. You can read about it on Mike's Blog here: They had a great time and Lilly came home with a light up "magic wand" which apparently cost $20. Anyway, Saturday was a total waste for me. Sunday I felt a little more energetic but crashed by the end of the day.

I did work on a new design for my Baby Booties over the weekend. It's kinda a surprise since the first pair I made are for my preggy friend Caitlin, who's expecting a girl in April. I'll be working on them on and off when my hands don't hurt too much and get them added to the collection hopefully by the end of the year.

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