Monday, December 1, 2008

Finally - Good News!!!

Today was chemo #6! I met with my Oncologist and asked him what the game plan was after chemo? How do we know that all the cancer is gone? Do I need another CT or MRI? What about Radiation? My Oncologist is one of those "one step at a time, focus on the current treatment" kinda guy. So here's the bottom line...Ask Dr. Bob. Ha!!! Luckily I have my 3 month post-surgical appointment (HOLY COW- it's been 3 MONTHS!) with Dr. Bob on Thursday.

Dr. Bob -what's up with the new picture??? It doesn't even look like you!!!

Anyway, as far as my Oncology treatment goes I got GREAT NEWS today!!! Not only do I only have 2 more doses of the Taxol (chemo) left, but I am going to start my Herceptin (not chemo) next treatment!!! Yea! That will be 2 less single Herceptin treatments, and I'll wrap up about 1.5 months early (it goes for 12 months, every 3 weeks). We were actually going to start the Herceptin today, but doing so would push my treatment schedule back to every 3 weeks, making my next dose the week of Christmas. Uhh- that won't work- mom-mom and g-daddy are flying up for Christmas and my cousin Natalie's wedding is on the 26th. I want to feel the best that I possibly can, which is probably not going to be super great anyway, so we axed that plan for today!

So my next treatment (12/15) I'll get the Taxol (4+ hours) and the Herceptin (1.5 hours) I'm looking at a 6 hour appointment! That's a lot of movies/sleeping/eating. (Have I mentioned that I've gained 6 pounds since chemo started!) I asked if I could bring in my sewing machine. I could get a lot done in 6 hours! Heck- I get a lot done in 2 hours! The first dose of Herceptin takes longer than the other ones, it will only take 3o minutes for doses 2-17. That is great because I'll probably be able to go when Lilly's in pre-school and relieve Uncle Andy of his "Lilly-watching duties".

The other good news (which will be confirmed by Dr. Bob) is that I won't need radiation. I basically don't fit the traditional radiation criteria of needing 3+ positive nodes (only found 1) and a large tumor of over 2 cm (mine was less than 2cm). So unless Dr. Bob feels otherwise, NO RADIATION! I still might have to get the "final approval" from the Radiation Oncologist...but things are looking good!

Treatment today went really well, aside from the IV going on F O R E V E R, and the food buffet being weak...until a patient brought in chocolate chip cookies, to which I helped myself to 3 (have I mentioned that I've gained 6 pounds??). I packed a big lunch, watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and then tried to do some Sudoku. I got home around 3pm and Uncle Andy told me that they watched 3 movies today (Cars- of course, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Finding Nemo). No nap for Lilly, so she'll be a little off tomorrow... luckily school is back in session and her teacher can deal with her for 2.5 hours!

The insomnia will be back this week while I'm on the crazy drug cocktail, but I rather be wide awake than puking. I still can't get over how well I've tolerated everything. I was saying to my new friend at chemo Emme, I just push through, do what I have to do, and crash on the weekend when Mike's here.

One more thing- you MUST read Mike's blog post about the movie Lambada (NOT La Bamba). You might pee your pants, especially if you've actually seen this movie. Can you say- Netflix???

p.s. Lilly's croup never got "awful-bad", she slept well every night, took her normal naps and the coughing is sporadic now. Thank goodness!!!


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I am so glad to hear that! You rock!

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That's amazing news. I'm so happy for you. You go girl :)